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Fymas is 100% Danish-owned and has through 4 generations been a leading used heavy equipment dealer in Denmark buying and selling construction- and agriculture machinery, cranes, vehicles, etc. locally and worldwide  DK🌐︎🌍︎🌎︎🌏︎

We daily offer online auctions here at fymasauctions.dk, where you can buy and sell machinery big as well as small.

We place our entire customer database built over 50 years at your disposal!  Import and Export:

When you sell on fymasauctions.dk, we provide marketing not only in Denmark but also to buyers in the rest of the world, where there is demand for what you want to sell - in recent years we have sold machinery to more than 75 countries.

We have 35.000 potential buyers in the construction industry in our database including 12.000 in Denmark.

Your special needs and wishes when selling:

  If you do not want your equipment to end up at a competitor, we can arrange that sales will only be in certain geographic areas.
  If you want an anonymous sales process, we will remove your company name and characteristics from the photos of your equipment before we show them public!
  If you want a Private auction limited to a selected group, this is also offered!
  If you want warehousing, we can store your items in our yards in Zealand or Jutland.

Auction or immediately Settlement:

We can also offer to buy your equipment immediately - call us.

It is easy to get started buying and selling at fymasauctions.dk:

Click above on the ”How to buy” or ”How to sell” menu and you will be guided - or call
(+45) 4465 0607 and we will make sure you get a flying start.

We are AAA credit rated and is a safe and stable partner.