Used construction equipment and attachments

Fymas Auctions is your online auction portal for second-hand construction machinery and equipment for every need. We have made it easy to create an account and to buy and sell used machines with just a few clicks. This makes it easy to bring Buyer and Seller together for mutual benefit.

See the large selection of construction machines in the menu and find the one you are looking for. Do you have any questions or other requirements you are welcome to contacts us by phone and email.

Fymas Auctions jest internetowym serwisem aukcyjnym specjalizującym się w sprzedaży maszyn budowlanych, sprzętu zagęszczającego i maszyn rolniczych.


Classic auction   

All equipment sold online are based on classic auction principles. Here Seller decide the reserve price the equipment can be sold for and we as auction houses handle the sale for a smaller premium. 

When the auction close the higest bid over the reserve price is the winner.

Buy and sell used construction equipment online

When you are buying construction machines on an auction as Fymas Auctions the sale of the item is based on the condition and the description given. The Seller is obliged to give factually correct facts about the item. 

Buyer is allways allowed to inspect the equipment prior to any bid.