Used attachments for construction equipment

If you are looking for used attachment for your construction machinery, you can see the ongoing auctions with all types of equipment on this page. Everything from digging buckets, grabs, rotors and tires to machines etc., are offered by contractors throughout the country. At Fymas Auctions we make sure that everyone can benefit from the trade.

An experienced auctioneer

If you sell your surplus attachment, you can get a good price. We have more than 50 years of experience and knowledge about all kinds of machinery and equipment. You can see the items at auction right now in the menu and when each auction ends. Are you interested in bidding, you can follow the price and what to bid next time.
When you buy on our auction, you bid on the item based on the pictures and information you can read. As we are focused on giving both the Seller and the Buyer a good deal, you can inspect the item before you place a bid. Hereby you can make sure that you buy the used attachment and construction machinery in the condition you expect.

Sell ​​used attachments for construction equipment - big and small

Whether you have a single tire or more, or other types of used attachments for construction machinery, our platform can handle the sale. We do not make any difference between big or small deals, everything is welcome at Fymas Auctions.

Our ambition is to help contractors with both buying and selling so all parties involved get a good price. If you have any questions about an auction or anything else, you are always welcome to contact us for more information.