Used aerial platforms

Here you will find an overview of used lifts and access equipment. At Fymas, we have more than 50 years of experience with all types of construction machinery at competitive prices.

Are you looking for used lifts and access equipment, we have a wide selection of brands for sale so you can make a solid trade. You can inspect the offered machines before bidding on them - please ask us.

We give here owners of machines an easy way for selling used lifts and platforms. All used lifts you see below are those at our auction right now - and you can keep track of when the auctions expires and what the next bid will be.

Find a used lift and access equipment at Fymas Auctions - or sell your surplus machinery

You can continuously bid on the used lifts and keep an eye on the price. It is easy to overview and easy to make a bid in the menu. You also have the opportunity to sell used lift yourself, if you have units you would like a good price for - then Fymas Auctions is the obvious opportunity to get visibility for Buyers.

We continuously get more used lifts for sale at the auction - and new ones are coming for sale, both large and small. We take all auctions serious to ensure both parties in the trade process.