Used Telescopic handlers

If you are looking for a used telescopic handler, we can help you. At Fymas Auctions you can find used telescopic handlers of different type and age. When you buy a machine at Fymas Auctions, we give you the opportunity to get your used telescopic handler at a good price.

Used telescopic handlers to suit your needs

Here you will find several used telescopic handlers. However, the selection you see on our site is bigger than shown here. Our range of used telescopic handlers varies all the time. We constantly try to expand the range with interesting models so that you get a good solution.

In our range of used telescopic handlers, you will find both large and small models. There is therefore, something for every need. It may vary from company to company, whether there is a need for the very large model of telescopic handler with rotating upper part or a slightly smaller model.

At Fymas Auctions, you can find the used telescopic handler that suits your needs. In addition, you also have the opportunity to choose between different brands and models.

We can help you with the purchase and sale of used telescopic handlers

At Fymas Auctions we assist with both buying and selling various construction machines. Of course, this also applies to used telescopic handlers. If you have a used telescopic handler, which needs a new owner, we can be your partner and help you with the sale.

You get a good deal and we secure both buyer and seller. As a buyer, in most cases you have the opportunity to look at the used telescopic handler before you buy it. As a seller, we ensure that you receive the payment when the auction is completed.

If you have a used telescopic handler to for sale, you are always welcome to contact us to hear more about your options.