Used generator sets

If you need a used generator set, you will find a wide selection here at Fymas Auctions. Our range varies all the time, as more are coming in as well as many are sold at Fymas Auctions.

We are, therefore, an auction that is worth keeping an eye on when you need a used generator set at a competitive price.


In our range of used generator sets, you will typically be able to choose from different brands and models. In addition, it is also possible to choose different sizes. From company to company, it may be very different what size is needed. Are you looking for a used generator that does not appear here yet it may come soon. Regardless your need, we can help you with the right used generator to suit your needs.

When you want to buy a used generator set, it is easy to use our auction site. We have provided a clear overview where you can easily see what the last bid has been on a particular used generator set and when the auction expires. There is, therefore, no risk of being surprised that an auction will expire before you have given your bid.

Let us take care of buying and selling your used generator set

Many people choose to use us when buying a used generator set. This is due to, among other things, to ensuring a safe trade. We make a good description of the generators, but if you want to inspect an item before you submit a bid, in most cases, it is also possible - ask us.

If you have a used generator set that you do not need anymore, we can sell it for you. We ensure you a safe trade where you are sure that you will receive the payment when your used generator set has been sold.