Used dumpers

If you are looking for a used dumper, we have a selection here at Fymas Auctions. The range offers different brands and sizes.

Therefore there are both dumpers for larger road jobs or for gravel pits where the machines can hardly get big enough, or for moving smaller quantities of material, where a mini dumper is often the right machine for the job.


No matter what type of used dumpers you are looking for, you may find it on our auction site. Following the price is easy. In addition, you can always see how long time is left before the auction of a particular used dumper ends. This makes it easy and convenient for you to make a bid at the right time.

Buying and selling used dumpers at Fymas Auctions

At Fymas we have sold many construction machines at favorable prices since 1975. If you have an used dumper or other construction machine that deserves a new home, we can also help you.

If you choose to use us as a sales channel for your used dumper, you will get a partner who takes your sale seriously. This applies, of course, whether you want to sell a large or a small used dumper. We secure the deal for you as a Seller and for the Buyer. This gives a good deal for both the Seller and the Buyer.

We regularly have used dumpers on our auction. It ensures you as a Buyer a selection with varying options over time. As a Seller, this means that we can also make your used dumper part of the selection. If you need to, you can quickly sell your used dumper on our site.