Used Drilling rigs

At Fymas Auctions you will find a large selection of used construction machines. We can also offer you drilling rigs at a good price. We have more than three generations of experience in the industry, which enables us to help you with the used drilling rig that you are in need for.


Find your used drilling rig in our selection

Our range of used drilling rigs offers several different makes and models. We offer vertical drilling rigs, horizontal drilling rigs and water drilling rigs. The selection varies from time to time, but we aim always to have different options we can offer when you are looking for a used drilling rig.

The selection offers, among other things, various brands, models and age. In addition, there will also be different sizes to choose from. It allows you to find the used drilling rig that matches your needs and preferences.

Here on the site you can quickly get an overview of what options you have. For each ad, the make, model, the year and description, the last bid and when the auction end. That way you can quickly find the used rig that is the perfect solution for you.

We can sell your used drilling rig

Besides you can use Fymas Auctions when you want to buy a used drilling rig, we can also help you when you want to sell a used drilling rig and whether it is a vertical drilling rig or a horizontal drilling rig. We are constantly looking for used rigs, we can offer our customers.

When you choose to sell your used drilling rig through us, we can give you a good deal where you are sure the process will be easy for you. In addition, your used drilling rig gets worldwide attention on our site, which can ensure you a better price. Contact us today to help you to sell your used drilling rig.