Used Forklifts

Are you missing a used forklift? At Fymas Auctions you will find several different used forklifts. Everything you see on this page is up for auction. You can therefore make a good deal if you come up with the right bid at the right time.

As it is an auction, the selection of used forklifts will vary from time to time. It may therefore be a good idea to keep an eye on what is coming up for auction on the site.

Find used forklifts that suit your needs

At Fymas Auctions, we have collected various used forklifts that you can buy at auction. The selection varies in sizes, models and age. However, you can find a used forklift of quality that still has some good years left.

When you need to find a used forklift at our auction, you can quickly get an insight into which model suits your needs.

On this page, you can see which used forklifts are on auction right now. In addition, you can get an insight into how long the auction on a particular used forklift will continue and what the highest bid submitted is for that model. That way, you can quickly track down what kind of model you need to take a closer look at.

Let us handle the sale of your used forklift

If you do not have a used forklift, but you need to sell one instead, we can also be helpful. We are responsible for both buying and selling used forklifts. We can help you sell your used forklift through our auction site.

We provide a fast and safe process where you do not have to do anything. We take care of the sale and that you get your money when your used forklift has been collected.