Used Vans

If you are looking for a van for your business, it is definitely something we can help you with. At Fymas Auctions, we specialize in various vehicles and construction equipment. However, we also have a selection of vehicles such as used vans. When you buy a used van from us, you can find the model that suits your needs and your finances.


Find your used van with us

Our range of used vans varies all the time. Therefore, there are always new models that come at auction. We therefore, have many different models to offer you. In the selection, we can offer you different brands and models.

In addition, it is possible to find different sizes of used vans. There is both a van for you, if you need a work car that can transport you from A to B, and used vans with space for tools and equipment.

With our range of used vans, we embrace many different needs and preferences. We have made it easy for you to look through the selection so that you can quickly get an overview of models available, what price has been offered lately and when the auction will end.

Shall we sell your used van ?

Maybe you already have a van, but it may no longer match your needs. Perhaps you need a larger model or be satisfied with a smaller one. Whatever the reason is that it is time to replace it, we can help you sell your current van. We can handle both the buying and selling of used vans when you need them. Contact us if you want us to help you sell your used van.